Changing Careers During a Pandemic?

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Changing Careers During a Pandemic?

While a vaccine for the novel coronavirus is finally here, the fallout from the pandemic will continue to wreak havoc with employment and careers well into 2021. If you haven’t lost your job already, you may believe that you should stay put right where you are—even if you’re in a bad situation—because after all, it’s a pandemic.

But, being in a career you don’t like has its pitfalls, too. The longer you stay, the more likely your performance will decline along the same curve as your disdain for your job. It’s hard to put on a happy face and perform well when you wanted to leave long ago. At this point, you risk being fired, and you should always remove yourself before being removed.

Another reason people stay too long in a career they’ve outgrown usually comes down to one of a variety of fears. These are some of the common reasons I’ve heard why people don’t consider making a change: fear of change, not knowing what step to take first, and even beliefs of not being deserving or good enough for a new or more desirable career. Today, the biggest fear is that there are no jobs because of the state of the economy due to the pandemic. And while this took us all by surprise, it is a perfect time to step back and reflect on what direction you want your career to take.

And how do you dare to dream in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression? Well, as I mentioned in the previous blog, catastrophes often create possibilities. There will be many new jobs created because of the pandemic and you can easily search the internet to find out what those are. To reassure yourself even more, peruse any online job board and you’ll find hundreds of job postings. So, go ahead and dream!

But what is the first step to making a smart and satisfying career change? There are multiple factors that go into making a good career decision, but the most important traits to know about yourself are your skills, your interests, and your personal style. Knowing these, and how they match careers, can help you look at options and then research what will be best for you. The fastest way to determine those traits is to work with a career counselor who is qualified to administer career assessments that will give you that information. These assessments are quick and fun to take and help you define what you need for a career to be satisfying, as well as suggest careers to consider.

No matter whether your fear has been about making a change in general, or fear that pandemic time is no time to switch careers, you can take steps to plan for a career that gives you meaning, challenge, and excitement. My belief is that, when we are working in a career that gives us these things, we receive as much as we give and this makes us want to give more of our best.

If you’re ready to plan for a better career and a better future, take a look at the Inspired LifeworkShop career exploration workshop to see if it’s right for you. It makes a great gift, too!

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