Career Counseling

career counseling

Career Counseling includes several activities, depending on what you need. 

Career Exploration is the process of discovering the factors important to you that point to occupations that would allow for your greatest job satisfaction. These factors include your interests, skills, values, and personality traits--and may also include current life circumstances, such as empty nesting or caring for an elderly parent.

Career exploration is appropriate when you’re: 

• deciding on a college major
• re-evaluating your career choice
• dealing with boredom, burnout, or layoff
• going through life transitions such as divorce, illness, or relocation
• not ready or unable to retire 

Your unique situation always informs the process. To get information quickly, I use formal and informal career assessments and guide you through ways to research your results so you can be confident with your career choice.

Another option is to attend an Inspired LifeworkShop: Career Exploration where you’ll get the same information as in individual sessions, all in one day. You’ll get the same assessments and a complete explanation of the results so you can understand what you’re telling yourself that you need for work to be satisfying. Whether you are just starting out in your career journey, transitioning from one field to another, or planning to retire to something meaningful—the information you learn from the workshop or individual sessions is essential to making a successful career decision.

Job Search is another set of skills I teach in Career Counseling. These skills are crucial to securing not only the job you want, but also the company you want to work for at the salary you negotiate. In these challenging economic times, you need a strategy that works now. We’ll review the methods you’re using and enhance them to optimize your search. 

You’ll learn how to: 

• organize and target your search
• construct your resume
• conduct confident interviews
• work your network
• negotiate a salary
• how, when, and why to use the internet and social media
• manage your emotions throughout the process 

Many of my clients have said that my help made their job search easier and faster, and was the best investment in themselves they could make!

As social beings, we thrive by contributing our unique gifts to each other through our work. Being in the wrong job can lead to burn-out, depression, anxiety, fatigue, absenteeism, productivity problems, and other stress-related physical and emotional illnesses. 

Psychotherapy is sometimes indicated within the course of career counseling when there’s a behavioral or emotional roadblock preventing your success. My specialty is listening for, and working with these issues, eliminating the need for referral to another professional. This creates a seamless solution to your career-related challenges. 

This dual emphasis on working with career concerns is often cited by clients as the reason they chose to work with me. Read more about my approach to psychotherapy at the Personal Counseling tab.

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