• Don’t Let Age Prevent You from Pursuing Your Passion
    NPR asked its readers – and specifically, its late bloomers – to provide their stories of blooming on the ‘later side.’ The stories they received illustrate that career change is better late than never, especially “when it comes to creating the life you want.” Read more
  • Self-Assessment Results in Better Career Decisions
    To make an informed career decision, you need to know your interests, skills, and personal style. Knowing these “big three” pieces of information enable us to make a better decision on the education and training we will need to prepare for that career. These assessments not only give you job titles to consider, but also a language for evaluating various options. Read more
  • The Changing Nature of Work
    With the post-pandemic great reopening upon us, do you find yourself among the millions of people who are reassessing their relationships with work? This is a chance to radically reassess our careers—an opportunity to reevaluate how we think about work. Read more
  • Changing Careers During a Pandemic?
    While a vaccine for the novel coronavirus is finally here, the fallout from the pandemic will continue to wreak havoc with employment and careers well into 2021. If you haven’t lost your job already, you may believe that you should stay put right where you are—even if you’re in a bad situation—because after all, it’s a pandemic. But, being in a career you don’t like has its pitfalls, too. Read more
  • Finding a Job During the Pandemic
    Pandemics, recessions, depressions, offshored jobs, dying industries, and many other scary threats make it seem like the end is here. But whenever a threat arises, so too, do opportunities. Read more

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